Moon Light

Capturing the Moon Setting 
Eastern Light over Santa Marta


Santa Marta, Colombia

Arriving in Colombia was a breeze. Having all of our paperwork in order prevented any delay through immigration and customs.  Kelly Hernandez at Marina Santa Marta provided us with a certificate acknowledging we had a “Yacht in Transit”.

Now what form of transportation do we choose to travel the 2 hours to the boat?

Will this be us?


Arc 2016 finished around the world April 8 in Rodney Bay, St Lucia

After spending four years in the Leeward and Windward Islands “Little Wing” will head to the ABC’s, specifically Bonaire.


We leave Rodney Bay, St Lucia this week



Which way will we go? The shortest route of course.

Taste of Trini

Since arriving in Trinidad three years ago we have heard and read about the street food tour where on can eat 99 different local foods.  Can you imagine that in a country with just over 1800 square miles could have such diversity of foods.

 Here’s the rest of the story.  Starting in the west we traveled just below the Northern mountain ridge through Port of Spain to the east and the Atlantic. Our first stop was just outside Power Boats where Little Wing sits at the dock.  Chickie and Tumba’s stand is one of my favorite to choose from. Chickie makes all of her breads every morning along with vegetables, meats, and starches.  My favorite that I have had is Roti bread, pumpkin, spinach, salad, and slight pepper.  But this morning we had coconut bake, Salt fish, and chicken curry gizzard.  Coconut bake is a very light bread with just a hit of coconut.  Salt fish is just as it sounds, cod salted just as the Portuguese have Bachulou, but made into a spread like tuna fish. 


The next stop was the Doubles stand in the little coastal village of Carenage. This is messy eat out of hand healthy and warm you to your toes sandwich. It is two Chana filled bara breads with chadon beni sauce, saffron, and mango.  Of course each stand has their own twist of ingredients




Eating with your fingers is standard -forks really show that you are not Trinidadian

Next was the start of the pies. Beef pie, potato pie with cheese, then on to a Roti.  This was a Sada Roti served with tomato choke – their roasted tomato, fried potato with cumin, Brodie – a long bean, Carili with Saltfish. In Glencoe we picked up more  pies, as with most pies here, they have a flaky crust sized to eat out of hand.


Extra long Macaroni inside pie dough, fish pie and coconut pie. We passed Pt Cumana where the song Rum & Coke sung by the Andrew Sisters was written as a reflection of the American GI’s stationed here during WWII. Heading into St James we tried  kitcharie with chadon beni & mango,



Sahenna  with callaloo & split peas. The Sahenna was wonderful. The start of lunch we pulled over on the side of the main highway in front of Trinidad’s second prison.  Here with the cars whizzing by we had Cow Heel Soup.  Just as name suggests it is made from cow heels and is a great delicacy here in Trinidad. The taste was ok, but with most new foods texture is a turn off.  I would never order it for myself.


Valencia Pig Tail Capital of Trinidad

Heading further we made our way into Valencia, where we had pig tails with mac and cheese.  The sauce on the pig tails was sweet with a bit of tang.  Not at all like our BBQ sauce.img_8286 

Before we had lunch a bit of Creole food was in order. Flour dumplings, peleu rice, coco w/callalou and coleslaw. Next stopping in Sandgre Grande for a Provisions Lunch consisting of Cassava, dasheen, boiled plantain and stewed pork.


Provision Lunch


Picked up silk-fig and chicky-toe bananas with a Portugal orange to follow. The brown nut in front is the nut from the breadnut tree in the same family as the breadfruit.


The Atlantic in the distance

Finally making it to the Atlantic Ocean in the east we had lunch on the Manzanilla Beach.


New boardwalk completed 2015


Ocean rising


Looking south Guatuaro Pt


North toward Mazanilla Pt.

Lunch was buss up shot and dahl puri with a choice of curry mango, curry goat, curry chicken, curry beef, and potato. Again eaten with your fingers.  Yum….for drinks we had peanut punch, tasting like a Resse peanut butter cup without the chocolate. Sorrel, soursop and mauby. Finished off with coconut fudge.


Passing the Naiva Swamp we saw this yellow hooded Cara Cara.  Later we caught a glimse of a Toucan.


Ortoire River meeting the Atlantic

Heading west through the country along  the Central ridge stopping in Gran Couv. Time for tea and biscuits. Chow can be made from pommecythre fruit. Tamerind balls, local plum about the size of an olive, they were awful. Paw Paw- green papaya was ok.  In Rico Claro we pick up Coconut Fingers, Barfi- Indian Fudge, Cassava bread, Aloo Pie- very tasty potato based pie. Rock Cake with nutmeg.  Cutter Pig served barside with toothpicks. Cutter Pig is similar to crackling.   Bread Pudding, fruit cake, kurma – fried dough, Gulab Jamoon. Time for dinner   Geera Pork, stewed lentil, mac salad, fried plantain, grilled fish and festive rice all served with a side of pickle.  Drinks of passion fruit, Portugal OJ. Then back home to Chaguaramas.  That certainly was not 99 itmes, but it was enough as I did not eat at all the next day.


Last piece


Teak farm – same teak used for our decks on the boat

When the earth shakes

Yesterday a earthquake struck between Trinidad and Tobago

It was first the time I felt one so strong. We were just finished for the day and sitting in the cockpit and felt the boat and water shake, at the same time all the masts on the boats on the hard shook as if a wind came through shaking only them. Then another within seconds did the same. Friends on land stopped by and confirmed what we had thought that it was an earthquake. For the next hour all I could think about was a tsunami, but nothing happened.
All is well otherwise. We had a good day today…  microwave installed, refrigeration will be back in by midday tomorrow. Have not had a frig or freezer for a week. Ugh 

Out tonight for Parang music.  

PS Joe says to start raising earthquake relief money for us since we now have experienced one here.  

Boats around Us

While the boat yard is quiet in the early morning


Beautiful morning


Are you ready to go fishing?


Waiting for their Captains



This beautiful wooden boat will launch next year


Quite a bit of time and love went into the repairs


Between the seams narrow strips of wood to be pounded in.



Hanging laundry with the pots


Local boat ready for launch


Just waiting


Cat logo


Enough power?


Tractor and trailer used to haul and launch catamarans


Ready for the next owner


All you have to do is call


Or if you like this Nordhaven is for sale


Follow the star


A few more



Yard dog


Looking for breakfast


If only the fish could eat the trash in the local waters


One of the many welding shops


Too fierce?




Very sleek


Ready for the race?


A very cool boat


Keeping the yard clean


Needs a bit of attention


Cleaned up and launched in a week


Gardner, is this your boat?


To take flight